French Scented Bath Salt - 10.58 oz

Scented Bath Salt by Bertaud La Savonnerie

Size: 10.58 oz (2.91 x 2.91x 3.78 in.)
Glass Pot with Metal Cover.

Scents: Maritime Pine, Summer Beach

The BERTAUD scented salt collection comprises delicate fragrances from the Atlantic Coast of France.

Salts gathered from Ré island, near La Rochelle, are crafted in the BERTAUD workshop and transformed in to these luscious scented bath salts.

1 tablespoon in your bath allows the bath water to remove dead skin, another application is to create a special 'coastal' atmosphere. To enjoy the fragrance of scented salt all day, place in a nice little dish to softly diffuse in rooms like your entry or dressing room for that soothing 'by the sea' effect.



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