Church Candles

Church Candles (Unscented)

  • Small (115 x 50mm - 22 burning hours)

  • Medium (130 x 70mm - 45 burning hours)

  • Large (170 x 100mm - 112 burning hours)

  • Tall (Not Available)

Candles & Candle Jewelry: Simple but stylish, the long burning pillar candles accessorized with stunning statement candle pins will create an instant decorative accessory. Mix and match to suit the surroundings. Candles sold separately to candle pins.

The Large Church Candle looks best with the larger candle pins (Large Stag or Seahorse pins).

The Small and Medium Church Candles look best with the small candle pins (Small Stag or Coronation Pins).

Designed and Imported from the United Kingdom

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