Small-Batch Scented Candle

Coastal Salt & Soul

Small Batch Scented Candle
10 oz
Scents: Ocean Gardenia, Mediterranean Citrus
Light florals, Grecian Citron and clean sea air rush through you like a fresh salty breeze.
Artisanally crafted, each candle is designed in Italy and hand-poured in small batches in California. Masterly designed to complement any décor, our stoneware vessel is a piece of artwork that can be repurposed and re-enjoyed in your home long after the wax has melted.
Developed by the most renowned perfumers in the world, and used at the highest level in the industry (14%), the proprietary fragrances will bring sea-washed happiness into your world and your soul.
Optimized for 60 hours of burn time.
Clean-burning, long-lasting, pure soy and coconut wax blend.
*Every Coastal Salt & Soul product is housed in a unique, hand-crafted vessel. Whether it be stoneware or glass, each piece, like a shell found along the shore, possesses distinguished characteristics that make it a collectible treasure.

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