Bertaud La Savonnerie French Oval Soap - 4.9 oz.

French Oval Soap by Bertaud La Savonnerie

140g (4.9 oz.) 

Size: 4.45 x 1.69 x 2.2 inches

Nautical Scents from the La Rochelle region of France: 

Atlantic - This scent is fresh as Atlantic ocean sea-spray, grey in color it is enriched with hemp oil. An Iodized 'Atlantic' fragrance. Unisex.

Island - This soap evokes Ré Island, so charming and genuine place animated by the French West spirit, white in color and enriched with hemp oil. Flowery and Ocean Fragrance. Unisex.

Woods - This soap reproduces the atmosphere of cedar and old stone houses, brown in color, enriched with Chestnut Honey. A Woody, Smokey fragrance. Masculine.

Made in France of all natural and local ingredients. From the Western Coast of France near La Rochelle. No plastic is used in the packaging by this eco-friendly company!

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