French Oval Soap - 4.9 oz.

French Oval Soap by Bertaud La Savonnerie

140g (4.9 oz.) 

Size: 4.45 x 1.69 x 2.2 inches


Atlantic - This scent is fresh as Atlantic ocean sea-spray, grey in color it is enriched with hemp oil. An Iodized 'Atlantic' fragrance. Unisex.

Cologne  - This soap is resolutely modern with a fresh and tonic fragrance, black in color and enriched with Almond oil. A Tonic and Undergrowth fragrance. Masculine.

Island - This soap evokes Ré Island, so charming and genuine place animated by the French West spirit, white in color and enriched with hemp oil. Flowery and Ocean Fragrance. Unisex.

Memories - This soap reminds of good times with our grandparents, at the family house, milky white in color, enriched with fresh milk. Powder and Rose fragrance. Feminine.

Orchard - This soap smells like orchard sun-kissed fruits, beige in color, enriched with hemp oil. Apricot and Blackcurrant fragrance. Feminine.

Woods - This soap reproduces the atmosphere of old stone houses, brown in color, enriched with Chestnut Honey. A Woody, Smokey fragrance. Masculine.

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