Epic Road Trip & Yoga in Bali, Indonesia

After spending the past month on the Island of Nusa Lembongan (off the mainland Coast of Bali in Indonesia), getting back to Ireland was great. So good to be home, but Bali is an experience everyone should have! I have been so lucky to have spent a month training with the Santosha Yoga Institute there to be certified in teaching Yoga and Meditation, along with Pre and Post Natal, Kids & Teen certification classes too. Yoga has been a lifelong study and this was one of those 'bucket list' things to do for me.  I could not have done it in a more beautiful place and with a better outfit than Santosha.  

Waking every morning to the sound of the waves crashing not 30 ft from my little hut, doing early morning and late afternoon yoga looking out at the amazing cerulean blue water. Long class days were finished with a daily swim in the warm water. Fresh juices daily topped off with a few fun days off, discovering the island by bike and with a snorkel. Really friendly people and a safe island getaway just made the trip for me.

Our Yoga class even got in a 'Beach Clean Up' on June 9th in solidarity with the 'March for the Oceans' in Washington DC. Bali does have a problem with plastic pollution but the beaches were relatively clean when I was in Lembongan. The trash issue is more of a problem in the interior of the island when it is the Rainy season. It gets washed into the tidal rivers and shows up more in the water and beaches then. Wild Atlantique will be doing its part very soon in producing its own product ranges from recycled plastic recovered from the Ocean so watch this website and our social media for up to date news!

Finally, if you are thinking of Bali, think of the island of Nusa Lembongan. It's definitely worth the trip!

Karen @ Wild Atlantique



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  • Joanne

    Looks like your trip was well worth it. What a beautiful place!

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