About Us

  Wild Atlantique brings you a life of affordable luxury, featuring handpicked, curated pieces from around the world to enhance your home and wardrobe.

An Online Store and Lifestyle Brand that features Coastal-Inspired Clothing + Home Decor. It's Designs for Living Beautifully and Affordable Luxury combined!


We all Love the Ocean. It brings back childhood memories of Spring Vacations and Summer Trips with the Family. The Sea calms and soothes the soul, from summer fun to winter walks. You can now live your life with a ‘Seafront’ vibe year round!

We bring the treasured peace and fun of a Coastal lifestyle to you, no matter where you live! We have been scouting out unique and beautifully made items to enhance both your Home and Wardrobe. You will find items of Coastal inspired Casual Clothing + Home Decor that offer affordable luxury you won’t readily find anywhere else.

We have curated items from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean to inspire you. From the perfect Weekend Wear for Men, Women, and Children, Gifts for Special Occasions, Jewelry, Watches, Sunglasses, Home Fragrance, Bath & Body Products, Table and Kitchen Ware, Accessories to Home Decor!

We are your one-stop online shop for the well-lived ‘Coastal Life’.

Check out 'Our Catalog Musings' features on Gift Giving, Coastal Design, Ocean Conservancy, etc. 

WHO WE ARE:  A Coastal-inspired Clothing + Home Decor Lifestyle Company bringing fabulous designs of affordable luxury from both sides of the Atlantic together. 
ESTABLISHED: In November 2015 by our Founder & CEO, Karen Mackay
WAREHOUSE & LOGISTICS CENTERS:  Deerfield Beach & Delray Beach, Florida
KNOWN FOR:  Bringing a unique blend of both Clothing and Home Decor items, that features a special ‘Seaside' inspired life to its treasured customers!
WHAT’S NEXT:  Destination Location for our Lifestyle Company with both Retail (Wild Atlantique) and Food (WA Coastal Cafe and Market) in Dublin, Ireland. A Seaside inspired Cafe with featured Cookbook is in the works! Think we’d be a good addition to your Coastal town somewhere along the Atlantic Ocean? Got some feedback for our brand? We’d love to hear from you!  Contact us at info@wildatlantique.com