Wild Atlantique: A Business Emerges from the Sea

I just realized that our new online store, Wild Atlantique, has been live for one week now! We have big dreams for this exciting Online Retail business. One mission is to refine the term ‘Coastal’, as it relates to Fashion and Interior Decor. ‘Coastal’ style often turns “twee” with an overload of anchor prints and macraméd seashells. By sourcing luxury products from around the world which reflect high-end trends, and incorporating our own interpretation of seaside living, we hope to curate a ‘Coastal’ look that is uniquely Wild Atlantique!
Though based in the lovely town of Delray Beach, ‘Coastal’ to us does not necessarily mean South Florida. Think of the Caribbean, the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, the cliff scape above a Portuguese beach or the alluring saline scent of the waters off the West Coast of France. Since most of the surface area of our planet is water, there have emerged many varieties of 'Coastal' design. For example, Denmark, France, the USA, the UK, Morocco, and Brazil all border the Atlantic Ocean. These places possess distinct regional styles ranging from rustic to exotic and everything in between. That notion gets us excited. A love for diversity, beauty, and the amazing influence of the ocean define the Wild Atlantique brand.

I’ve come to realize that coastal living is not restricted by one’s geographic location. It’s more a state of being. It’s a carefree way of life that exists, that appreciates simple pleasures and looks outside of oneself. Most people have an experience of the sea. Either living near it or a wonderful memory of a vacation visit. When you step onto the beach, a visceral reaction occurs that somehow dissolves defenses and erases agendas. It’s like falling in love! The ocean takes you captive while setting you free. It’s majestic, yet so accessible.

That dichotomy defines the Wild Atlantique aesthetic. Our look is effortlessly elegant, barefoot beautiful. To see what I’m talking about, check out the “Atlantic” scented soap by Bertaud, the Gaino Men’s Linen Shirt with feather accent print by La Squadra, or the Tuareg Loop Necklace with ethnic dragon pendant by Bittersweet Designs. Enjoy perusing the rest of our products here. These collections will expand as we scour trade shows and markets, on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, to bring you 'Designs for Living Beautifully'.
-Julie, Assistant Designer + Buyer for Wild Atlantique

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