Fan of Starz 'Outlander' and of Scotland!

Here is a little treat celebrating the Sea, Scotland and a guilty pleasure: Starz' show 'Outlander'. The image attached is a beautiful example of Scotland's stunning Northern coastline. I am a first-generation American of Scottish heritage. My mother emigrated to the USA from Thurso, Caithness, Scotland when she was 19. I must admit to having a romantic image of the Scotland of my ancestors. This has been further spurred by the amazing production, beautifully acted with incredible scenery, which has been painstakingly created by the talented cast and crew of 'Outlander'.

If you haven't watched it yet, I suggest reading Diana Gabaldon's series of books beginning with 'Outlander' (released as 'Cross Stitch' in the U.K.) You can get the general gist of the series from the first book but the subsequent books are equally compelling. This is an epic journey both literally and figuratively. The story begins with Englishwoman Claire Randall, a WWII nurse, who is on her 2nd honeymoon in Scotland with her English husband after the war ends. Claire accidentally goes back in time to mid-1700s Scotland. After a series of misadventures, she ends up marrying a young Scottish warrior, Jamie Fraser. Once you get into the books, start watching the original series from Season 1. They are up to Season 3 now but so much happens it's important to know how it all began!

Claire and Jamie's stunning, life-altering passion and love bloom despite the dangers and intrigues of the day, which often threatens to consume them. It's a bumpy ride for sure and not for the faint of heart with sex, betrayal, brutality, love, and loss. It has it all! The Starz channel has brought Gabaldon's books to life to great effect. A stellar cast and crew shoot much of the series on location in Scotland in the first season.  The scenery is the real thing. Stunning and romantic, the natural beauty of Scotland's rugged mountains, coastline, beaches, castles, cliffs, and moors bring a feeling of the magical past along with an exciting story.

If you fall in love with the series too then be sure to plan a trip to Scotland. It may seem far away but its well worth the trip!

                                                   - Karen Mackay @ Wild Atlantique

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