Coastal Style Gift Giving in 2018!

Isn't it wonderful to give a gift? There is so much to be gained in Giving. We like to think our Wild Atlantique community enjoys beautiful things and that means beautiful feelings too. Especially when it comes to giving!

Wild Atlantique has put together a list of 'Giving' this year. Special ways to give to charity, to your community, to the Environment, to your loved ones and to yourself! It doesn't have to cost anything, some of the suggestions on our list cost little or nothing more than our time, our attention and our Kindness. 

Our Gift Giving List:

  • Give a Smile when you check out, pay for your coffee, gas, groceries, order food or pay for your meal. Wish someone a Happy Holidays! Happy is the least expensive gift of all and a sincere smile will always mean something so much more than money!
  • Show a Kindness by opening or holding a door for someone, letting someone in the lane or cue in front of you when they look like they could use it. Hold your child's hand, help an elderly person or help someone carry heavy bags. It takes so little and means so much to show a kindness.
  • Clean out your closet, drawers or garage and Give Away things you haven't used in a while. It is very freeing! Take them to a donation box or charity. They will send it on, sell it or give it away. So many charities make a difference in the repurposing or reselling of our old stuff. Others may find a use for your old things and they get a new life with people who will love them for a bit longer. 
  • Take care of the Environment and it will take care of you! Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose your rubbish by making certain it is going in the right bins. Bring your own bags to the grocery store to carry home and smaller ones for veggies/fruits etc.
  • Don't buy items with single-use plastic packaging. Only use recycled paper bags. Go 'Vintage' in your wrapping and packaging and expect the stores you go to to do the same! Most stores are on board with this now but if you don't see a better option, ask!
  • Give your time to a Charity this Holiday season. Volunteer! We all need a bit of extra love and care these days. Go out there and join one group or another, give a few hours or a whole lot of time if you don't have a lot of other demands. Even a little bit of Charity goes a long way. Don't wait for someone to ask you. Think of how you would like to get involved, Google it and go!
  • Take a walk with a friend or family member and Listen to how things have been for them in the past year. You never know what you will learn and giving of ourselves, our time helps cement those relationships for a lifetime. It's just too easy to get too busy to listen these days and they will appreciate your interest more than you or even they might realize.
  • Take the opportunity to give something back to the Environment by picking up trash. Whether it's while on a walk at the beach, or out in front of your house or anywhere in your community. Everyone benefits from a cleaner Environment! That is a gift of living in beauty!
  • Finally, for the special people in your life, from co-workers who make your day so much easier, to your loved ones who give your life meaning, Give a Gift. There is nothing like a specially chosen and thoughtful gift. It doesn't have to cost a lot, or maybe you want to really splash out with a big surprise? Giving is an excellent way to show what someone else means to you and how well you know them. Do they like to cook or have people over? Then a special entertaining piece is just the thing. Do they like comfort and could use some cozy loungewear for home? Do you want to book a trip for later in the year to all spend time together and want to give a gift to anticipate that trip? Maybe a bathing suit or beach coverup is the answer. How about a unique piece of jewelry, a watch or sunglasses for him or her as a special treat.
  • Wild Atlantique has so many choices and you can get it all in one place, because we are: Coastal Style, Delivered!

Wild Atlantique has a wide array of gifts at all price points. Check out our website for our special collections "Gifts Under $20' and "Gifts under $50" for lots of affordable ideas of Coastal style fun. We also offer a wide array of very unique and luxurious items to treat those special someones, so take a look and don't miss out on all our Sale items now on offer!

Finally, our Gift to you this Holiday season is Free Shipping in the Continental USA from Thanksgiving to Christmas when you use Promo Code: Freeship18 at checkout! And don't forget to treat yourself a little this Holiday too. You deserve it!

Happy Holidays from Wild Atlantique!

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