February is upon us and we couldn't be happier! Get 25% off on Feb 14th!

There is something about February that has always made me happy. I grew up in Upstate New York so February meant better skiing and skating that month. The slopes and ice were thick and we would start to see longer days and enjoyed being outside. Night skiing wasn't quite as cold as it was in January either. Invariably each February, about halfway through the month, we would get a couple of warm sunny days too. The kind that made you imagine an early Spring, walks on the beach and Spring holidays! Nature's way of reminding you what was coming but only teasing, as we would fall back into those cold days and big snowfalls once again.

February was the best month for a snow day. A nice break from the prior month of school but not like snow days in March or April, where teachers were worried about getting through their lesson plans, so they would give you more homework on the weekends!  As the shortest month, it always seemed to fly by. Then, of course, that nice long President's Day Weekend in the middle of the month. If you were really lucky you got to go away on a short trip. Sometimes down South to the sun or skiing somewhere new.

Perhaps the most important day in the month of February though was Valentine's Day. A month with a special day filled with red hearts, chocolates, Valentine's cards and gifts from the people that love you or classmates that like you enough to put you on their list. All a sweet reminder of what is really important. An opportunity to show the people you care about that you Love them too, without feeling silly.

Perhaps my favorite thing about the month of February though is the birthday of my eldest child. A special day in a special month where love reigns, and showing love is a regular event! 

So if you are looking to send a little something special to your loved ones this February, then think of Wild Atlantique. We are having a special 25% off everything on the 14th of February this year! Our love note to you, our customers, who are so very important to us. Just use Love19 as the Promo code at checkout on the 14th of February and enjoy!

Wishing you all a very sweet and Happy Valentine's Day!

                                               - Karen Mackay, CEO


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