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      Closing the Loop on Fashion Waste - Recycle Discount Offered

      Closing the Loop on Fashion Waste - Recycle Discount Offered

      Waste Management of the Fashion Industry -

      Customer Disposal Discount offered!

      From Design to Delivery, Wild Atlantique is committed to the Irish Coastal Lifestyle and processes that fulfil and enhance our mission. One of those ways is with our customer service and in keeping our company's 'waste impact' to a minimum. 

      To that end, Wild Atlantique will offer a 15% discount (on full priced 'Apres Surf + Sail' items) for future purchases by customers that wish to dispose of our garments with us. Damaged or otherwise, no matter how long you have owned it! We do this in order to close the loop on the waste issue presented by the Fashion Industry as a whole. Fashion being one of the greatest polluters of the Environment and Oceans worldwide. We will dispose of your old and previously used Wild Atlantique garments in a responsible way, with the intention of finding the best way for them to be reused, recycled or repurposed.

      Please contact us on info@wildatlantique.com to ascertain how to return old Wild Atlantique garments and obtain your Discount code.

      Our customer service will be happy to help you!