Wellbeing, the 'Blue Mind' & Fresh Coastal Scents!

So many of us have been 'locked down' for months now and are excited to get outside as life begins to open up again. Maybe we go out tentatively at first and don't want to stray too far from home. Travel this Summer is likely to be closer to home with restrictions, flights, cost, and the risks of each being taken into account. 

If you live in fair proximity to the Coast, that is usually the place most people are drawn to first and especially in Summer. Why is that? Is it the desire for and effect of the 'blue mind'? That's the calming and life altering effect of looking out at a vast Ocean (sight), walking on the sand and swimming in the sea (touch), and smelling fresh salty, fragrant sea air (scent) that engages all of our senses for a much needed mental boost!

How do we hold on to that sense of wellbeing that the Ocean and Coastal experience brings to us? You can save images to your phone to scroll through, hang Coastal pictures or paintings in your home. Put out table books that feature Coastal or seaside travel destinations. Bring items you have collected like sand, stones and shells home from your visit to the beach. Then put them in jars or bowls to see and touch to remember those special trips. 

Those are all great ways to design a Coastal inspired home. However, the best way to give yourself that quick hit of the 'blue mind' in your home or especially on your person is with scent. You can capture the wellbeing of the Coastal experience and Summer vibe without being near the sea itself, by incorporating the fresh scent of salted sea breezes, flora, fauna, warm sand and more. 

Wild Atlantique has partnered with three sustainable and exceptional scent focused companies that are committed to using natural ingredients for their Home Fragrance, Bath & Body products.

Focusing on Coastal scents in the home through the use of candles, bath salts in bowls or diffusers to put around the house and fragrant the air.

Also through Coastal scents for the body in a variety of perfume, hand creams, soaps, body scrub and moisturisers. Adding that luxurious element of a 'blue mind' lifestyle through one of the most powerful senses, scent.

    1. Bertaud La Rochelle - Founded on the Western Coast of France in La Rochelle, this company epitomises the French Coastal experience. We offer a wide range of their soaps, candles, gift sets etc. They use local natural ingredients and are truly French-inspired Summer at its best. Our recommendation? Put out some of their 'Pine Maritine' or 'Summer Beach' bath salt in a bowl to let it diffuse and scent the air in your Entry way or Bath. Or use their 'Atlantic' or 'Wood' soap, favourites due to the soft feel and unique scents. We also offer some fun gift sets that make the perfect gift. All currently On Sale!
    2. Coastal Salt & Soul - A California based Coastal company that uses all natural ingredients, is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. Using Shea Butter, Sea Kelp, Irish Moss & Sea Berry to scent and moisturise the body. From soaps, scrubs, and moisturisers to candles. Our personal favourite at present is the small hand creams that fit nicely in any purse or pocket. Beautiful Coastal scents that you can enjoy all day long (also helps with all that hand washing of late!) All On sale!
    3. Margot Elena's TokyoMilk Neptune & the Sea - a Colorado based company's range of Coastal scents, incorporated into perfume and hand cream for women. Luxurious scents in unique packaging. We love to give these as gifts! Perfect travel sizes, so feminine and unique! Only while supplies last!

Find them all on our website! Click each image to go their page!


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