Wild Atlantique is Sending Love to California!

What a time California has had lately! We watch the news from our various spots around the country (and abroad) and our hearts go out to the people of California. From wildfires to landslides, from the unease young DACA citizens are feeling, to being on the front lines of the sanctuary issue. Dealing with the constant political tidal wave from Washington DC while staying true to what is vitally important to California as a state. 

We have had an interesting time gathering facts about California. We all seem to know a little, but the reality is astonishing! Here are a few tidbits to consider:

  • California is the most populated state in the USA. With nearly 40 million people living there. It has the highest populations of Native Americans, Asian Americans and Hispanic Americans than any other state. It has the highest total minority population (at 60% of the State population) in the USA.
  • It has the largest State economy in the US with 2.7+ trillion dollars. California alone is responsible for nearly 14% of the total GDP in the US.
  • If it was its own country, it would be the 5th largest economy and the 36th most populated one in the world. Wow, that's saying something!
  • California is considered a global trendsetter in popular culture, tech innovation, higher education and progressive politics worldwide.
  • California is where the origin of the personal computer started, the internet, the hippie counter-culture, and the film industry, while still being a major contributor to overall agricultural production in the USA.

Those are just a few of the economic facts about the state of California. We love California's own unique brand of 'Coastal' style!

Wild Atlantique is honored to carry two of these fan-favorite California Coastal-inspired brands:

      • Coastal Salt & Soul  - a Southern California body care company, bringing the natural power of the sea to create award-winning, hypnotic-smelling body care products for deeply nourished and glowing skin.
      • Barefoot Dreams - Another So-Cal company featuring the World's softest, coziest hand knitted baby blankets, children's apparel, chic loungewear for adults and accessories for the home.


Click on the logos above to find our full offerings of these stellar brands.

Please join us all at Wild Atlantique in wishing our California 'family' of vendors and customers well in these difficult times! 

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