Our Sustainable, Eco-friendly Journey

Wild Atlantique's Coastal Journey to becoming a

Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Brand!

It's been a long but exciting journey to find just the right material and styles for Wild Atlantique's very first self-branded clothing range. A mission to create a range of Sustainable and Eco-friendly clothing for Men, Women and Children that embodies the Coastal Lifestyle!

Along the Atlantic Ocean there is an abundance of natural Coastal beauty. From dramatic cliffs to long expansive beaches where you see wild surf from every view, and feel fresh sea breezes with every breath. 

Having journeyed along many Atlantic coastlines, from oceans to sounds, inlets to channels and more, there is a distinctive look and style that is unique. It is completely different than visiting the warm waters and coral reefs of the Great Barrier Reef, Bali or the Mediterranean.

Offering clean, desolate sea scapes and beaches that are entirely unique to the Atlantic Ocean and Northern Hemisphere. Cold waters are bracing, and wild surf challenges, while they inspire! Clean rocky shores are full of beach stones smoothed to a polish by rough surf. Sea glass sparkles like rare jewels on beaches all around these incredible coastal regions. Living near the seafront or visiting when you can, is a sure way to making your life and lifestyle richer and more dramatic. Gazing out from a high cliff, walking along a beach collecting shells or diving in with a board or boat to challenge the waves! All of that embodies the Atlantic Coastal experience.

Our own flagship store, design atelier and online hub will soon open in St. Helier Jersey, Channel Islands.  Our very own home port on a beautiful island near the Atlantic. Beach walks, surfing and sailing the wild ocean, we live what we love in Jersey!

Jersey's commitment to clean beaches, water and environmental conservation is an inspiration, and a place we are so proud to call home. Curating a unique 'Coastal Lifestyle' in home decor and apparel to enhance customer's homes and wardrobes in a meaningful, sustainable and eco-friendly way, is our mission. 

Our Materials and Production Partners:

We first created a capsule collection of Eco-chic ‘Apres Surf + Sail’ Athleisure to be produced with Eco-friendly material and a reliable, Sustainable, European supply chain. Our garments will be produced primarily in Europe, and shipped to customers from our Flagship store in St. Helier, Jersey.

Our first collection is made from a unique material, TENCEL® fibers (sourced from Austria), which are more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen! They are made of the renewable raw material, Eucalyptus wood in pure cellulose without any impurities. Offering amazing EU certifications, awards and performance benefits. 

Our Eco certified fibres are made into the finest quality material at our manufacturer in Italy. Our garment production (along with recycled labels and tags) are all made in Portugal, for a truly European and Sustainable production process. Our small, high end, superior manufacturing partners are long established and pay their experienced staff a living wage, thus supporting their local economies. We visit our superior, family run factories regularly and leave nothing to chance! Our garments will be packaged and prepped for delivery to our valued customers using recycled, reusable and bio-degradable packaging.

Thus finding manufacturers and producers in Italy and Portugal that have exceeded our exacting standards for a Sustainable supply chain. Designing pieces for Men, Women and Children that offer North Atlantic coastal style, both easy & relaxed. Suiting this climate as well as our customer's exotic beach vacations. You can trust that a great deal of thought and effort has gone into how and where your Wild Atlantique garment is made, with an eco-friendly and sustainable process from beginning to end! 

See page 'Our Material, Colours and Care Instructions' for more details about our first range's Italian made TENCEL® fabric.  The attention to detail and finish of these Portuguese produced garments, are exactly what you would expect of an affordable, luxurious piece of clothing. From the covered seams to the finished hems and pockets, great care has been taken to produce each piece to the highest standard.

In addition, all of our Hang tags, Labels, and Nickel-free Metal tags, are sourced in Portugal and also made from recycled materials!

Finally, keeping the material content and production of our entire process within a Sustainable and Eco-friendly mandate has been of paramount importance. Produced in Europe by smaller companies that sustain their local economies, paying a liveable wage to workers, who work in superior conditions.

For all of these reasons, you can be proud of owning and wearing your Wild Atlantique garment!

Designed for the Atlantic Coastal Life:

Our styles are deceptively simple but are made to exacting patterns for flattering fit and drape of our soft silky material. The styles themselves are designed and sized for the Northern European build. Tees, Shorts and Skirts for warmer days or vacations. Easy and relaxed Pants and Long Sleeve Tees for those colder Atlantic beach days. 

'Apres Surf + Sail' wear for that easy & relaxed Coastal lifestyle. It's Eco-chic gear for wearing closer to home, or taking on holidays abroad.

Future Styles and Fabrications:

The 'Apres Surf + Sail' TENCEL® Athleisure range is just the first offering we have developed for our customers. We are already working on new styles in complimentary fabrics for warmer hoodies and pants for those colder beach days. Stylish designs that are both flattering and functional for Men, Women and Children. (See our first Women’s Hoodie and Beach Pant offered in a Cotton blend ‘French Terry’ material sourced and produced in Portugal too!)

In addition, we have a new partner and material we are sourcing that is made from recycled Ocean Plastic, produced in cozy, comfortable, easy and relaxed styles that is our signature Coastal Lifestyle look!

So stay tuned for more of our newly branded Eco-chic range of stylish designs. Offered along with other incredible bath & body, accessories, home decor pieces we have chosen to enhance both your home and wardrobe with a unique Coastal style! Our customers can be confident that as a company, we will always be committed to producing with quality, eco-friendly materials, and a sustainable supply chain committed to protecting our Oceans!

Support of Our Pristine Coastal Environment:

Our CEO Karen Mackay has been involved with Ocean Conservancy for quite sometime, being a lifelong passion and commitment of hers, and Wild Atlantique Ltd, from its inception!  From support and promotion of the worldwide 'March for the Oceans' event, to local Beach cleanups and support of Ocean Conservancy charities and organisations worldwide. Wild Atlantique Ltd encourages support worldwide focused endeavours to Keep Our Oceans Clean!

Because all things begin locally, we are currently looking for Jersey based partners with the same Ocean Conservancy passion. If you have a Charity or Not for Profit group (no matter how small) that focuses on keeping the Jersey Coastal environment clean, then please do reach out to us at info@wildatlantique.com to discuss what we can do to partner with your organisation! Ocean and Beach Conservancy starts locally!

Waste Management of the Fashion Industry - Customer Disposal Discount offered!

From Design to Delivery, Wild Atlantique is committed to the Coastal Lifestyle and processes that fulfil and enhance our mission. One of those ways is with our customer service and in keeping our company's 'waste impact' to a minimum. 

To that end, Wild Atlantique will offer a 5% discount (on full priced items) for future purchases by customers that wish to dispose of our garments with us. Damaged or otherwise, no matter how long you have owned it! We do this in order to close the loop on the waste issue presented by the Fashion Industry as a whole. Fashion being one of the greatest polluters of the Environment and Oceans worldwide. We will dispose of your old and previously used Wild Atlantique garments in a responsible way, with the intention of finding the best way for them to be reused, recycled or repurposed.

Please contact us on info@wildatlantique.com to ascertain how to return old Wild Atlantique garments and obtain your discount. Our customer service will be happy to help you!