Bertaud La Savonnerie

Wild Atlantique is excited to introduce the exciting
'Bertaud' brand to the USA market for the first time!


Founded in 2014 by Yolaine and Jerome Bertaud, BERTAUD La Rochelle honors France's Atlantic coast. The natural and sophisticated fragrances of this collection all refer to a place, a moment, a memory or an emotion, linked to this
subtle and elegant region of France.
Craft-manufactured in France, from natural and quality ingredients,
BERTAUD soaps, candles and bath salts are all hand-finished.
It’s all about sharing France's Atlantic coast spirit!

Soaps: The BERTAUD soap collection are all enriched with local, precious French ingredients. Soaps are fresh air dried to keep all their cosmetic properties, in particular moisturizing. Available in two shapes : square (100g – 3,52 oz) and oval (140g – 4,93 oz). 

Scented Candles:  The BERTAUD scented candle collection offers fragrances inspired by the French Atlantic coast. Candles are manufactured with 100% vegetable wax and cotton wick to ensure the best perfume diffusion. Their refined and modern design fits any interior style.

Bath Salts:  The BERTAUD scented salt collection are all infused with delicate fragrances. Salts from Ré island, near La Rochelle, France are crafted in the BERTAUD workshop to be transformed into these luxurious scented salts. 1 tablespoon in a bath allows the bath water to remove dead skin. Another application is to create an atmosphere of pure heaven and relaxation. To enjoy all the time, the fragrance of scented salt placed in a nice little dish will softly diffused in a room. Ideal if used in Entranceways or Dressing Rooms to enjoy the scent and memories of the French Atlantic Coast all day long.

Bubble Boxes and Duo Boxes - The Perfect Gift
Soaps are also offered in combination boxes along with bath linen, bath salt and scented candle, or soap and scented candle for a truly unique gift from the French Coast of the Atlantic! 

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