5 Ways You Can Live More Sustainably!

What is Sustainable living really all about?

In essence, sustainable living is a way of life where we are more thoughtful of where our resources are coming from, how they are used and the ways they being disposed. It is a lifestyle that optimises your health, the health of your community and the health of the planet. By avoiding toxic products, choosing to use resources in a mindful manner, purchasing items that will last for a long time and/or be re-used.

Are you thinking of living a more sustainable life? It might seem that simply changing your toothpaste or your shopping habits might not make a big difference. However, each of us making small changes is all it takes to have real impact!

Here is our list of 5 simple ways you can start to live more sustainably.

1. Use up what you have and try to reuse or repurpose.

One of the most sustainable actions you can take is to use or repurpose the items that you already own. This is true even if it’s made out of plastic or similar problematic materials - what matters is that it has already been made, so making it last is of paramount importance. For example, jars and containers are great for holding dry goods, stationary or even as bathroom containers. Look at all the containers you buy items in and reuse them to store things.

Tip #1: Use a glass jar and top you brought a condiment in to use, once its finished don’t throw it away, save it for fresh salad dressing you make yourself.

2. Buy Less, Buy Better.

You might not think it at the time, but it is better sometimes to spend a bit extra on products that are well made (if they are ethically made and eco-friendly too like our Apres Surf & Sail range than all the better 😉)! Higher quality items last longer, maintain their shape and can often be recycled, repurposed or handed down to family, friends or charity. Meaning it takes longer for that item to need to be disposed…Our company commitment to proper disposal is key…check out our 15% discount for prior owned items of ours!

3. Make sustainable transportation choices where possible.

Have you thought about how you commute to work? What options are available to you? Perhaps instead of taking the car, consider walking, public transport or cycling to your place of work, to the grocery, to run errands etc? Even if you take the car, just plan your journey in a way that you have one big journey to run all your errands, instead of many small ones. It can have a positive effect and reduce your carbon footprint as well as save you money on gas and parking! Not to mention the health benefits or walking and cycling!

4. Reduce waste and single use plastics at all costs.

Try to think of different ways that you can use less 'single use' items. Try some of the following;

  • Plastic bag – replace with cotton produce bags and keep them handy (in your bike basket, purse or backpack.
  • Plastic straw – replace with reusable straws or go without!
  • Disposable coffee cup – replace with a reusable coffee cup or sit in the cafe (or just outside) and request a regular ceramic mug. No need to use disposable cups at all if you are just drinking it on site!
  • Plastic bottle – replace with a reusable water bottle, use a glass or mug.
  • Disposable takeaway food containers – replace with reusable lunchboxes , sit in the cafe to eat and definitely forgo plastic cutlery for the washable kind. Bring your own from home and leave in your office desk!
5.  Recycle wherever possible.

At the end of the any item's lifecycle, most will need to be disposed of eventually. It helps to see how long we can make things last but eventually everything has a life span (even us!)

Try your best to dispose of items in the best way possible way for the environment. Recycle properly, and of course do your part to reduce the pollution caused by waste. Make certain it doesn’t end up in our oceans or water tables.

So there you have it. 5 simple ways to start living more sustainably!

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