A Coastal-inspired Road Trip - Cornwall U.K.

From Falmouth to Penzance, from Land's End to St. Ives,
Cornwall is well worth the visit! 

The United Kingdom offers many beauties, but Cornwall in the South West of the country is a new personal favorite. If you love all things Coastal like I do, you will see it in spades in Cornwall's towns, harbours and countryside. 

The reason for this trip was a visit to the flagship store of one of our favorite artisans of fine bone china, Cream Cornwall in Falmouth. The opportunity for a shop visit and a coastal-inspired road trip were just too tempting to resist, so here are some highlights!

Definitely, make Falmouth a stop. The Cream Cornwall store itself, the charming historical buildings, shops, restaurants and local nautical museum, etc are all enhanced by proximity to the world's 3rd largest working harbour.  


Falmouth Harbour                                                    Cream Cornwall Shop

Cutty Sark    Octopus Dishes Cream Cornwall

Cutty Sark Inn, Falmouth                                    Octopus Serving Dishes, Cream Cornwall

There are lots of lovely places to stay in Falmouth. The Cutty Sark is a great nautical inspired one with modern, fresh interiors and an in-town location. If you are keen to get some of the Cream Cornwall pieces of fine bone china, unique to this area of Cornwall, you can save space in your travel bags by buying with us at wildatlantique.com. Look out for our big upcoming 'Black Friday 2017 Sale' of our Cream Cornwall items, supplies limited! 

Once you leave Falmouth, head directly West to Penzance for lunch. Only about a 1-hour drive. Penzance is a busy, vibrant city with lots of great places for lunch. Don't miss Cornwall's special Cornish pastries in various savory choices! Yummy!

Another must-see is an hour drive further along the Western route to Land's End. Yes, it's the original 'Land's End'! Fairly quiet in the off-season, there is still a nice visitor's center to visit, shops and a few choices to get a bite to eat. Especially worth it for the cliff walk and views of the sea here.

Land's End Land's End Visitor CentreLand's End

Land's End 

If you are able to manage another hour's drive, go along the narrow Coastal roads, North from Land's End. We would suggest visiting and staying in St. Ives. Drive the coastal route as it passes stone farmhouses, sea views, and tiny cliffside villages where you can drive down to and walk along, this western routes' dramatic beaches.

St. Ives is a big, busy harbour town with lots of great hotels, restaurants, and shops.  My visit included a stay at The Gannett Inn with tea at the Carbis Bay Beach Hotel. 

Carbis Bay Hotel  High Tea

Either way, you cannot go wrong in visiting this charming region of Britain. In Cornwall the coast is never far away, the people are relaxed and friendly, the countryside picturesque and the salt air will give you a good appetite. With cozy cafes and restaurants offering seafood and pastries in great abundance, you can't go wrong! Keep us posted if you have any additional must-see spots to suggest!

                                            - Karen @ Wild Atlantique

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