The difference between 'Coastal' & 'Beachy' design styles!

The difference between coastal and beachy styles can be defined this way...

'Consider the differences between the rocky coastline of a New England beach and a tropical beach in Florida with turquoise blue water. Though they’re both sea and shore, it’s easy to understand both the aesthetic and atmospheric difference between the two. The same goes for coastal and beachy design. “While both coastal and beachy designs take cues from natural seaside elements through the use of neutral colors and natural textures in the home, there are factors that differentiate the two,” says Angela Hamwey, a Massachusetts-based interior designer and founder of Mackenzie & Co (Architectural Digest)

These 2 styles are influenced very much by the weather and by the colours of the sun, sea, sky, flora and fauna, the textures and historical influences of their particular regions. 'Coastal' style will likely have moody greys, muted or matte whites and neutral blues, with darker, aged and weathered woods and more historical, nautical influences of New England or Northern Europe vs a 'Beachy' style with bright colours, crisp whites, light woods, lush greens and vibrant fauna of tropical regions often found in Florida, the Caribbean or the Southern Hemisphere. These often have regional influences of the 'Old World' Coastal (or Mediterreanen) style vs the newer, contemporary and casual beach style of a South African beach home. 

You might see influences of similar attributes as there are lots of 'cross over' in both of these timeless styles. Whites and blues, seashells and bare wood or stone floors. Often the finishes and accessories really tell the story. You might find that the covers of books (aged and leather bound), nautical charts and stormy paintings of shipwrecks and period images of a Coastal home combine with fireplaces and cozy places in which to read to ride out a storm, with a throw blanket to stay warm.

In a Beachy home you are more likely to find brightly patterned fabrics and accent colours, bright and colourful table books, features of pineapples and palm trees with contemporary lighting and wide open doors to the outside, or over head rattan fans to stay cool. 

Either way both styles have equal appeal from season to season and it very much depends on your location or which style would bring you joy in your own home, no mater where it is located!

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