The Coastal Lifestyle in 2018!

We are finally saying goodbye to 2017! It has certainly been a year to remember and quite possibly a good one to move past for many! 2017 was Wild Atlantique's first full year in business, so it has been a tremendous year of growth and a big learning curve for us all at Wild Atlantique! Our online sales and reach are growing through contact on social media and through the amazing connections we have made this year with our treasured customers. Our commitment to being a Coastal Lifestyle company and to highlighting both home design, fashion, food and environmental concerns, as they pertain to all things Coastal, is our continuing passion. 

Want to be up to date with all our news in the New Year? Find and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We would love to have you share and like us with your friends too! We love to hear from customers about what is most important to them in their Coastal focused lives.  Did you visit a fantastic beach, sail into a new or favored Port, find the perfect seaside restaurant to eat at, or found the perfect beach coverup? We would love to hear about it! Tag us on Instagram...send us a message on Facebook...Tweet or email us. Let us know what fantastical thing or alarming issue about the Coast, Beach or Ocean that is important to you! We want to hear about it. Of course we love to see pictures and get reviews on products you have ordered from us too! 

A new year is a fresh opportunity to consider new ideas, new goals, to better focus and to re-commit to the things we hold most dear. Wild Atlantique will be continuing to scour the international trade shows and far-flung markets looking for that unique Coastal inspiration. Stay tuned for new products and exciting postings about must-see places and design trends. 

So what is important to Wild Atlantique as a company? Firstly, it is care and concern for our planet (especially the oceans), the natural environment and the people and animals that inhabit it together.  Keeping it clean, minimizing if not eliminating our carbon and industry footprint on the planet, oceans, and populations of the world. We hope to be part of the solution not part of the problem. We also have an enduring commitment to the affordable luxury style trends. To that end...

Our 2018 goals are grand and wide-ranging:

  • We want to find those perfect new products that excite our customers with their design, as well as, making an impact for the betterment of the environment, especially the Oceans.
  • Expect to see more things made out of recycled plastic and repurposed materials etc.
  • We are working on a new range of causal 'Apres Surf and Sail Wear' for the new year. Geared towards the European market. Very exciting as it will focus on cool style and true comfort, made from ocean-friendly materials.
  • We will be adding new Vendors with exciting designs that are eco-friendly styles with influences on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • We are looking to open our first flagship store location in 2018/2019 in the Republic of Ireland!
  • We are hoping to expand our reach through Social Media by highlighting exciting places and restaurants to visit along both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. 
  • Perhaps this is the year for a Food and/or Design oriented book influenced by the Coastal lifestyle!
  • And as always, it's all about...Designs for Living Beautifully and Affordable Luxury Combined!

Stayed tuned to Wild Atlantique and please share your goals for the New Year below!

Wishing you a very special 2018!

-Karen Mackay, Founder & CEO @ Wild Atlantique


Photo Location: La Rochelle, France Port on New Years Eve 

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