British Colonial / Caribbean Style

British Colonial style is relaxed, genteel and travelled. It pairs dark-stained rattan, timber and bamboo furniture with pure white linens and an abundance of indoor greenery to cool and refresh the space.

Elements to bring British Colonial Coastal style to your own home:

  • Dark beams or heavy cove moulding and tray ceilings;
  • Rattan, bamboo or dark wood furniture with lots of detail;
  • Muted painted walls, antique art work with seascapes;
  • Palm trees and greenery to bring the outside in;
  • Rattan or dark wood ceiling fans, glass decanters, barware;
  • Floral and animal patterns on bedding, accent pillows, ornately patterned rugs and animal hides;
  • Travel elements for accessories like stacked leather suitcases, maps, brass sundials, compasses and sextants, taxidermy and unique curiosities.