The Art of Gift Giving

It’s that time of the year, and what a wonderful time it is! The Holiday season feels special because of its brevity and contrast to normalcy. Something shifts priorities to encourage people to think of cheer and charity, loved ones near and far, and of course goodwill toward all. Though criticized for becoming “commercialized”, there is something to be commended in a society that champions the proffering of presents! Taking a moment to think of others and making an effort to remind them they are in your thoughts is a gift in itself.

Gift giving is an art. There is a process and finesse that can be perfected in the thoughtful choice and offering of a well-chosen gift. It’s a language of love. And after all, that’s what this season is all about: receiving and giving Love. So here are some tips for perfecting the art of gift giving for the special people and occasions in your life:

 1.) It's the thought that counts! Though cliche, this premise still applies. Often, the most meaningful gifts cost very little, a handed down heirloom, an original song, a trinket representing an inside joke or a trip down memory lane. Get creative and make it personal. If you’re looking for an heirloom piece to start new traditions with, check out our lovely tableware goods or our unique jewelry pieces that someone will cherish for a lifetime. Or indulge with our beautifully scented French Bath & Candle Sets to remind a special person of an incredible trip once taken together.

2)  Plan Ahead    Shopping leisurely throughout the year, rather than cramming under a deadline, is far more economical and relaxing. While you’re ‘surfing the net’ year round, watch out for sales on our items that might flash that special someone’s name all over it, buy early and embrace the “gift closet” method. Sometimes it’s helpful to have quintessential “Hostess Gifts” or “Teacher Gifts” on hand for occasions that arise serendipitously. Find these and more in our specific and curated Gift Guide under the ‘Gifts’ tab. We have wonderful choices for Wedding and special occasion gifts available throughout the year as well.

3)  Make Packaging a Priority    First impressions matter. It’s the little things, like ribbons and bows, that elevate something to the “above and beyond” level. And remember the “To/ From” name tag! That’s an easy way for you to add personalization. It’s fun to use this opportunity to create a nickname, or write a name that corresponds with the gift such as “To the Hostess with the Mostess” or “To My Favorite Dance Partner”. When purchasing through Wild Atlantique, your items will arrive already wrapped in our custom tissue paper and ribbons, making your gift giving process that much simpler.

4)  Give a Gift Card     Can’t decide what to pick? Give a Wild Atlantique Gift Card. They always fit and never expire! We have denominations of $10, $25, $50 & $100. The gift card is sent by email. Then your special someone can pick out exactly what they want, and we'll ship the wrapped items to you to give in person or to them anywhere in the world!

Happy Holidays from Wild Atlantique! May you embrace the art of gift giving this season and realize that it is truly more blessed to give than to receive.

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