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      Jersey Evening Post 11th May 2022

      Jersey Evening Post 11th May 2022

      A very nice article in the Jersey Evening Post on Wednesday the 11th of May 2022 welcoming Wild Atlantique's Flagship store, Design Atelier and Online Hub. 

      As we just opened in April 2022 it was lovely to receive a warm welcome from the local Jersey based Evening Post detailing our Eco Friendly, Coastal inspired store!

      The Irish Times - Karen Mackay

      The Irish Times - Karen Mackay
      A really lovely mention of our CEO Karen Mackay (from a former Interior Design Project Client). Located in the rugged West of Ireland! Mackay says: 'Wow! What a nice mention as a designer! The best clients, with fantastic taste, made this my favorite project ever! If anyone is looking for a modern, fresh and stunning retreat in the West of Ireland, this is it! Foxford Woollen Mills and Mount Falcon are only minutes away too!'

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