The Healing Power of the Salty Sea!

The healing power of the salty sea is not just an 'old wives tale'.

When we were little we use to get scraps and bumps from climbing trees and riding our bikes, the general misadventures of the average child. But when you went to the beach and swam in the sea, everything seemed to heal faster. If you were careful to let your parents slather on the sunblock then you always left feeling better than when you first arrived.

You could spend the whole day exploring tidal pools, swimming in the water and playing in the waves. No TVs, no phones, no books, no school, no demands. You got tired, really tired from running and playing and hungry, really hungry! Even your parents relaxed and had fun! Food tastes better too when you have earned it and the fresh sea air always added to that pang of hunger at the end of a long beach day.

But then it's not just the wounds healed, or the fun had as children. As we got older, going to the beach healed and distracted from the dramas and anxiety of everyday life. If the sea can calm itself, then why not calm our thoughts as well? There is nothing so good for the soul as a walk on the beach and a view of the ocean. Of diving into the waves and feeling a real 'part' of nature. Of feeling young and silly and happy.

It's the climate, the smell, the salty water, the sun, the air itself. No matter what time of year, it feels good to be near the sea. It heals and invigorates and helps us reset our minds. It heals our skin, gives us relief from our worries. Looking out at the horizon where the sea meets the sky, we start to imagine endless possibilities. The world beyond that horizon and the waves that connect our part of the world to the next.

So go back to the Beach, walk along the shoreline or swim in the Sea. Be reminded of a childhood memory. Let it heal you, let it calm and comfort or invigorate you, let it remind you to feel hungry and happy once again. 

-Karen @ Wild Atlantique




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