Designed here in Ireland, perfected for the Irish Coastal climate. This range of 'Apres Surf + Sail' items are made of a 'French Terry' Cotton/Modal (50/50) Blend.

Modal fabric is a super soft fiber made from beechwood trees. In our clothing you see it combined with cotton. Modal is considered a semi-synthetic because the raw material, cellulose, is a natural material which is then turned into fiber using an environmentally-friendly chemical process. Modal is soft man-made fibre that is made from natural materials and is completely biodegradable, so it is often touted as a sustainable textile.

At 50% more absorbent than cotton, Modal is excellent at wicking moisture away from the body and keeping you feeling fresh and cool. Smooth and soft by nature, Modal is great for warmer temperatures. Our fabric is combined with Cotton to weather our Irish Coastal climate in comfort!

How to Care for your French Terry Garments in an Eco-friendly Way:

We want our customers to enjoy their beautiful garments for years to come! For our Cotton / Modal French Terry fabric there are simple washing instructions to follow to preserve them.

Please wash with like colours using a low temperature and a Marine-friendly detergent. Hang Dry or Tumble Dry on Low setting (2-5% shrinkage). These Cotton/Modal Blend garments have been 'combed' and treated for additional softness. They are finely crafted wardrobe staples that offer affordable luxury and a long life cycle if cared for properly. (See our 15% Customer Disposal Discount detailed on 'Our Sustainable & Eco Friendly Journey' page!)

Future Styles and Fabrications:

The 'Apres Surf + Sail' Athleisure ranges in TENCEL®  and Cotton/Modal Blend are just the first offerings we have developed for our customers. We are already working on new styles in new complimentary fabrics for warmer hoodies and pants for those cold Irish Beach days. Stylish designs that are both flattering and functional for Men, Women and Children.

Stay tuned for other future offerings of our newly branded range of clothing, and take a look at other incredible pieces we have chosen from our fabulous vendors to also enhance your Coastal Lifestyle!