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Wild Atlantique is excited to announce the launch of its very first advertising campaign in a unique and very appropriate way! We have partnered with Bally Hoo Boats in the Miami, Florida area. We can be seen from Thanksgiving weekend through New Year’s Day on Miami Beach (or on the Intercostal in the Miami area) on the side of the Bally Hoo Boat. Check out the Bally Hoo Media website at to see this unique way of bringing directly to the Miami Coast.
Bally Hoo Boats Media:
Unlike anything else. The Bally Hoo Boat is bolstered with eye catching 46 ft digital screens engineered to resist the harshest of coastal environments, while also emitting a beautiful, glare-free picture.
From South Pointe to Eden Roc in Miami you will see the Wild Atlantique ad in front of the most densely populated part of Miami Beach during the busiest beach hours.
We are so excited to partner with this exciting new company! See their other partner/company affiliations on:
We Hope to See you on Miami Beach! Send us a shout out on our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter) with pictures of the Bally Hoo Boat and the Wild Atlantique Ad if you spot us!

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