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      The colours of the moody Atlantic - pale sky blue or soft grey, muted whites, vibrant primaries or delicate washes, accent walls and furniture in weathered white oak, or painted and repainted like the hull of a boat! Worn patinas from floors to doors, vintage lighting and area rugs. Antiques, White & natural linen, Candle sticks, old paintings & sculpted topiaries are common accents in a French Seaside look.

      Elements to incorporate in your own French Seaside style:

      • Muted whites, aged patina'd wood, soft greys & blues;
      • Antique 'care-worn' art, pottery, furniture and linens;
      • Sheer linen and cotton drapery, bedding and throw cushions;
      • Trim painted in soft colours with aged white washed walls, architectural details that speak to age and salt air exposure;
      • Vintage details in cabinetry, decorative items and lighting;
      • Old stone, open fireplaces and aged stone or weathered wood floors.