Nantucket / New England Style

Nantucket style is a sophisticated fusion of the rugged coastal landscape and the genteel refinement of its residents. As such, the colour scheme incorporates light and muted shades of blue, off-white, grey, and beige. Splashes of bolder colours like orangey red or coral pink may be used sparingly for emphasis. Nantucket style is similar to New England styles from Maine to Connecticut. 

Elements of Nantucket & New England Style:

  • Natural textured rugs over white-washed, sun bleached floors;
  • Nautical decorative items like sailboats, seashells and found items like driftwood and sea glass;
  • Slip-covered furniture in whites, taupes and soft blues;
  • Colourful woven items from rugs to baskets and hanging fixtures;
  • Mirrors to reflect the views from windows & doors;
  • Shutters and heavier, lined drapery, beds covered with duvets and quilted blankets;
  • Paintings, vintage plates and antique tableware.