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Hazel Wynn Limited Edition Prints

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Jersey based artist Hazel Wynn - Limited Edition Prints from original artwork, Hazel enhances each print with a bit of 'fairy dust' to make each one unique.

The sample shown is just one of her prints. The complete selection depends on what is available in the shop each day. Stop in to purchase. Available for viewing and purchase in store only.

About Hazel Wynn

'Jersey-born artist Hazel Wynn studied at Chelsea College of Art in London where she specialised in Textile Design. She sold her hand-painted textile pieces internationally before returning to Jersey to do a Fine Arts Degree through Highlands College. Hazel is now a painter who is captivated by the colours, light and form in natural environments. From underwater eco-systems to rock formations and other vistas, Hazel is fascinated by details that may go unnoticed by others. Imbued with a feeling of calm and serenity, the artist’s process seeks to capture her emotional response to the world she is painting. Harnessing the unpredictability of pouring wet paints together onto wet canvas before working back into it with more considered mark-making, Hazel’s paintings exude the delicate balance between chaos and order in the natural world.'

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