Acqua Dell' Elba Home Fragrance Home Fragrance Acqua Dell 'Elba Room Spray - Costa Del Sole 100ml
Acqua Dell' Elba Home Fragrance Home Fragrance Acqua Dell 'Elba Fragrance for Fabric - Aranci (Pillow Spray) 100ml
Acqua Dell' Elba Home Fragrance Home Fragrance Acqua Dell 'Elba Fragrance for Fabric - Mare (Pillow Spray) 100ml

Acqua Dell' Elba Home Fragrance

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Mare - The Sea: when you experience that first morning swim, the caress of the wind that fills your sails and the fresh fragrance of that solitary cove, this is the perfume that will remind you of the essence of an island.

Mare is a fresh harmony with the notes of lemon, rosemary, sea-lily, marine algae, marine cistus and the wood of Mediterranean shrubs

Offered in Mare Scent: Fragrance for Fabrics (pillow spray) 100ml

Costa Del Sole: Climbing up the gentle slopes and along hillside trails surrounded by greenery; enjoying the passage through colours, scents of the Mediterranean shrubs;
catching glimpses of the sea between the branches of the lentiscus and the prickly pears; then suddenly it takes your breath away when you see before you the immensity of the sea, the light of the sun and the charm of the coastline.

Costa Del Sole is a sunny harmony with essential oils of myrtle, rosemary, lentiscus, marine citrus, Elban limonium and prickly pears.

Offered in Costa Del Sole Scent: Room Spray 100ml

Giardino degli Aranci - This aroma wafts in the breeze. It's perfume fills the houses.
The whispering of the wind in the leaves seems to be in time with the rhythm of the waves breaking on the distant beach. There is a magic garden, an old-fashioned garden whose walls isolate it from the village square, a place of peace and tranquillity. Giardino degli Aranci is a relaxing harmony with essential oils of orange, myrtle, jasmine, strawberry tree and the woody notes of Mediterranean shrubs.

Offered in Giardino degli Aranci: Fragrance for Fabrics (pillow spray) 100ml


Acqua dell'Elba was founded as a family business and it is a 'venture' to all intents and purposes: as an entrepreneurial dream but also and above all as an adventure. It is the result of the three founders' passion for perfumes and of a common dream, that of reviving the magic of the Tuscan Renaissance workshop on Elba, thanks to the expertise of the best master perfumers.

The ambition to recreate the essence of the sea in a fragrance that is rooted in the very scents characterising their island is what has distinguished this company from the outset and has motivated them to do more and better, to fully enhance their territory and their people. In fact, Acqua dell'Elba's solid roots on this island and community have led it to become a representative of the Made in Tuscany excellence in Italy and abroad.

Today Acqua dell'Elba employs more than 100 people, cooperates with more than 100 suppliers, mainly in Italy, and with several distributors worldwide. Their partners' strength is the real asset that has led the company to achieve its current results. The team spirit, the talent of their 'winning crew' and the relationship of trust that unites them are the key to their achievements to date.

Their responsible commitment is expressed mainly in their care for people as well as the Elban community and the environment, especially the sea: this is the true source of inspiration for this company and this project, what they started from and the focus of their efforts and resources. Indeed, the sea will be the focal point of all their projects, initiatives and sponsorships, thereby protecting and enhancing the ecosystems and communities that make their home in and on the sea.

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