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      Our Coastal Lifestyle Blog — Ocean Inspired

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      The Sea and Our Souls this Summer!

      The Sea and Our Souls this Summer!
      Why is it that we all feel so much better when we are near water? Why is the Sea so good for our souls?...Here are 10 reasons you feel better by the Sea as it indeed makes you feel happier and healthier!

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      Wellbeing, the 'Blue Mind' & Fresh Coastal Scents!

      Wellbeing, the 'Blue Mind' & Fresh Coastal Scents!
      The 'blue mind'... that's the calming and life altering effect of looking out at a vast Ocean (sight), walking on the sand and swimming in the sea (touch), smelling fresh salty & fragrant sea air (scent) that engages all of our senses for a much needed mental boost! Find out about our Fresh Coastal scents!

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      We Love Coastal Style for both the Home & Wardrobe!

      We Love Coastal Style for both the Home & Wardrobe!

      Love the Beach & Want to Bring That Coastal Vibe into your Home? 

      Whether you live by the Sea or just visit on occasion, there is so much inspiration to be found at the beach! How to bring that home? Here are some fun Houzz.com articles for inspiration on how to decorate your home in style.

      You too can capture that relaxed Coastal vibe of a perfect Beach vacation! Here are some suggestions for making our home more 'Beach-chic'!

      • Bare wood floors with Seagrass or Natural Sisal Mats and rugs.
      • Baskets for storing items or hanging fixtures in natural woven seagrass and basket material.
      • Paint everything White! (make that Bright White!) From ceilings and walls, to trim and doors, painting it all white bounces natural light around the rooms making them feel lighter and brighter like the sun is shining all day!
      • Large scale comfy sofas in white or natural linen (taupe or Mocha) fabric as slipcovers (or fitted). 
      • A occasional chair in a weathered tan leather is almost always a great compliment to any sitting area or bedroom.
      • Keep throw pillows and throws in natural materials, washed linen, cottons, etc. These are especially nice if combined with accents of Black, Navy  or aqua blue.
      • Bring in plants that say summer...like seagrass, hydrangeas, lavender. Anything green will do but put them in weathered pots as if the sea has washed over them.
      • White bedding for beds. Accents kept in small ittems that can be swapped out as the seasons change.
      • Accessories as 'found' items...take a walk on the beach and find old pieces of driftwood, shells and smoothed stones. Collect them in jars and bowls. The natural texture and colours will give you an immediate finding of calm when you look at them.
      • Stay away from 'Twee' items like anchors and seagull motifs...too obvious!
      • Artwork...this is an easy one...if you don't have sea views out your windows then make one by buying a beautiful painting or photography that brings the sea to you!


      (Just click on each image to go directly to an article on Houzz detailing a Coastal look! )



      Closing the Loop on Fashion Waste - Recycle Discount Offered

      Closing the Loop on Fashion Waste - Recycle Discount Offered

      Waste Management of the Fashion Industry -

      Customer Disposal Discount offered!

      From Design to Delivery, Wild Atlantique is committed to the Irish Coastal Lifestyle and processes that fulfil and enhance our mission. One of those ways is with our customer service and in keeping our company's 'waste impact' to a minimum. 

      To that end, Wild Atlantique will offer a 15% discount (on full priced 'Apres Surf + Sail' items) for future purchases by customers that wish to dispose of our garments with us. Damaged or otherwise, no matter how long you have owned it! We do this in order to close the loop on the waste issue presented by the Fashion Industry as a whole. Fashion being one of the greatest polluters of the Environment and Oceans worldwide. We will dispose of your old and previously used Wild Atlantique garments in a responsible way, with the intention of finding the best way for them to be reused, recycled or repurposed.

      Please contact us on info@wildatlantique.com to ascertain how to return old Wild Atlantique garments and obtain your Discount code.

      Our customer service will be happy to help you!